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  • To all those we interviewed for the site: Alastair Feehan, Cilla Atkins, Clive Scollay, Daniel Featherstone, David Batty, Dion Weston, Frances Peters-Little, Ivo Burum, Jennifer Deger, John Dallwitz, Kim Dalton, Michael Liddle, Neil Turner, Nicolas Lee, Owen Cole, Pantjiti Tjiyangu, Philip Batty, Rhoda Roberts, Rosie Kumalie Riley, Tanya Denning-Orman, & Warwick Thornton.

  • To the authors of the Essays: Daniel Featherstone, Faye Ginsburg, Frances Peters-Little, Melinda Hinkson, Michael Meadows, Philip Batty

  • To Erica Glynn and Tanith Glynn-Maloney for the use of the excerpt from She Who Must be Loved, to Elizabeth Wymarra/Metro Screen & NITV for the clips from Our Stories: Lester Bostock, to Neil Turner & FNMA for the Pantjiti Tjiyangu interview, and to Josef Jakamarra Egger and CAAMA for the extracts from Jupurrurla - Man of Media and other CAAMA Productions.

  • & to Alan Fountain (1946-2016) who commissioned Satellite Dreaming and the whole 'Channels of Resistance' series, for Channel 4 in 1990

Satellite Dreaming Revisited was developed at Goldsmiths - University of London, by Tony Dowmunt, in collaboration with Nicolas Lee and others at CAAMA Productions in Alice Springs. You can read Tony's account of its development here.

The project was funded by an Emeritus Fellowship awarded to Tony Dowmunt by the Leverhulme Trust.

This site can only give a partial and limited picture of the issues raised in Satellite Dreaming, and so it probably excludes many relevant and important points of view, debates and examples of work.

We are keen to add contributions to the Essays pages, and new information, references and links to the Sources pages; we would also be happy to include more biographies and interviews on the People pages.

If you are interested in contributing to the site in any of these ways, or making any comments or corrections, please email us at