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The 1991 film

You can watch the whole of Satellite Dreaming, or view the programme in 10 separate chapters in timecoded sections with transcriptions and links.

Satellite Dreaming (1991)

Satellite Dreaming was a co-production between London and Alice Springs - commissioned in the UK for a TV series. This page shows the full 1991 film.

1. Introduction

The launch of the domestic satellites in the 1980s made TV accessible across the whole of Australia.

2. The history of CAAMA

“CAAMA started in 1980, so that we could put radio broadcasts into the local stations. From there it’s been ‘go’ ever since…”

3. Imparja part 1 – winning the AUSSAT license

“Immediately, when we announced we were going to go for the license, we got an enormous amount of support from the Aboriginal communities in Northern Territory and Southern Australia…”

4. Indigenous programmes at the ABC & SBS

The ABC – Australia’s only National Government funded television broadcaster – has an Aboriginal Programme Unit based in Sydney.

5. Imparja part 2 - Aboriginal content and commercial imperatives

Back in Alice Springs the station set up by CAAMA is finding it difficult to fulfil its Aboriginal purpose.

6. Nganampa Anwernekenhe

“Nganampa Anwernekenhe is a very unique programme.”

7. Yuendumu: Manyu Wana & Warlpiri education

Yuendumu is a town of 1500 inhabitants situated on lands belonging to the Warlpiri people

8. Yuendumu: Warlpiri TV, BRACS & the Tanami Network

“We’ve got ABC and Imparja, and plus our local one. Mainly they like the local one, like they want to hear themselves and look at themselves.”

9. EVTV: Television at Ernabella

Ernabella is a community on the Pitjantjatjara lands that has become a centre for maintaining traditional culture, strengthening the elders’ sacred knowledge and their unique connection to the country.

10. Filming the Seven Sisters story at Kuruala

The people from Irrunytju have invited us to record the Seven Sisters dreaming on video