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The Greater Perspective

Protocol and Guidelines for the Production of Film and Television…


Bostock, L. (1997) 'The Greater Perspective: Protocol and Guidelines for the Production of Film and Television on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities', Special Broadcasing Service.

This booklet - researched and compiled by Lester Bostock - was developed to assist filmmakers, television programmers, and other media practitioners in the production of programs about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, or programs made on lands of indigenous people. It is also intended to act as a guide for production crews and other media practitioners when they enter Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities or travel within indigenous lands as part of their project.

This is the second edition of the guidelines, first published by the SBS in 1990.

  • Lester Bostock has long involvement in the visual and performing arts as well as with Aboriginal community organisations. He had been a member of various government and non-government committees and working groups. In his travels he has visited the United Kingdom, U.S.A, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Central America (Panama City), New Zealand and the South Pacific region where he met with many indigenous television and film makers, sharing with them the experiences of indigenous media. He is a council member of the National Indigenous Media Association of Australia (NIMAA), representing the independent film and television producers on that body, and a member of the Australian National Commission of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).