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Vote Yes for Aborigines

A documentary about the 1967 Referendum


Vote Yes for Aborigines (2007) is a 52 minute documentary, directed by Frances Peters-Little, about the 1967 Referendum and the fight for Aboriginal citizenship rights.

Vote Yes for Aborigines marks the 40th anniversary of the referendum, celebrating its historical significance and contemporary relevance. It covers the 100-year-plus lead-up to the referendum, revisits those involved with the 1967 Referendum and the social attitudes and influences that led to the event.

The film questions the success of the referendum and features former Prime Ministers, politicians, historians and campaigners.

More than just marking a time in history, Vote Yes for Aborigines interrogates the success of the Referendum and addresses current debates about what is meant by Australian citizenship and values and how they relate, if at all, to Aboriginal history, identity and culture.

The film is available from Ronin Films.