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The Mojo Handbook

Theory to Praxis, by Ivo Burum


Burum, I. (2021) The Mojo Handbook, Theory to Praxis, Routledge

'The Mojo Handbook offers a detailed and engaging crash course on how to use mobile tools to create powerful journalistic stories. 

Drawing on both theoretical underpinnings and practical techniques, the book outlines the fundamentals of mobile journalism methods, by placing mobile storytelling within a wider context of current affairs, documentary filmmaking and public relations. The book offers expert advice for how to use storytelling skills to transform mobile content into engaging and purposeful user-generated stories for audiences. Topics covered include tips for recording dynamic video and clean audio, conducting interviews on your phone and editing and post-production processes, as well as advice on how to handle copyright issues and a primer on journalistic ethics. The book also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms to help students navigate the video production and mobile journalism world. 

The Mojo Handbook is a valuable resource for aspiring multimedia professionals in journalism, strategic and corporate communication, community and education, as well as anyone looking to incorporate mobile into their visual storytelling tool kit.'

  • Ivo Burum, PhD, lectures in media industries, mobile and digital journalism and television at La Trobe University in Melbourne. A journalist and award-winning television executive producer and director, he is a self-shot pioneer who has worked extensively across genres including frontline international current affairs. He runs Burum Media, a mojo and web TV consultancy that provides mojo training for journalists, students and remote marginalised communities. This is his fourth book on mobile journalism.