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Ivo Burum


Ivo Burum is an award winning television, writer, director, executive producer and journalist with more than 30 years experience. He’s worked internationally in more than 35 countries across a range of program styles, including documentary, reality, docudrama, magazine, consumer affairs and on frontline current affairs series such as Foreign Correspondent and also 60 Minutes. 

A pioneer of the user-generated style of production in Australia, Ivo has spent three decades empowering people with skills to produce their own stories for self-shot television series such as Home Truths, Nurses, Race Around Oz and After The Fires. Ivo has developed the lessons learned on the self-shot television series into his current innovative mobile journalism (Mojo) workshops, which he is delivering across Australia and internationally to communities, the education sector and mainstream media. He has a PhD from Deakin University, and lectures in Media Industries at Latrobe University. 

Ivo was interviewed at home in Melbourne. He was then heavily involved with the Mojo project .

‘It's all about self-determination…’ (interview with full transcript here)

00:08 Joining CAAMA:

" I was hired at CAAMA to be the executive producer of CAAMA Productions…"

01:17 Satellite Dreaming - the original programme:

"Satellite Dreaming … was a project that we worked up with Tony Dowmunt… "

03:17 Satellite Dreaming & Imparja Television

" You asked me about how, the importance of Satellite Dreaming …"

05:22 BRACS (Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme):

" In a couple of years before I got there…"

06:40 The legacy of CAAMA/BRACS in his later work:

" And when I went back to mainstream television …"

08:30 Mojo - mobile journalism:

"For the last little while I've been involved in Mojo …"

11:49 Demonstrates equipment:

"…Mojo is mobile journalism… so it's hand-held…"

Ivo was the director and co-producer on the programme. At the time he was also the executive producer of CAAMA Productions.