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Sweet Country

Warwick Thornton’s 2nd Feature

'The director, Warwick Thornton, is an Australian film-maker who made a superb debut with Samson and Delilah in 2009 and now raises his game still further with this brutally powerful outback western, written by Steven McGregor and David Tranter and set in the 1920s Northern Territory. It’s a place where white men are traumatised by the heat, hardship and memories of serving the motherland in the first world war, and where Indigenous Australians are treated with casual racism as virtual plantation field-hands, in a colonial situation nearer slavery than Jim Crow. These are the “blackfellas” whose serfdom to the “whitefellas” creates a society of paranoia and violence…It’s a stark, shocking movie, superbly shot by Thornton, who is both cinematographer and director.'

Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian 16/09/2017