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Songlines to Satellites

Indigenous Communication in Australia, the South Pacific and Canada


Molnar, H. & Meadows, M. (2001) Songlines to Satellites - Indigenous Communication in Australia, the South Pacific and Canada, Annandale NSW: Pluto Press.

(Whole book available for download below)

'Songlines to Satellites explores the developmental history and policy environments of the Indigenous media sectors in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Island countries and Canada. Helen Molnar and Michael Meadows detail how communication technologies have been pioneered by Indigenous communities and used as cultural, social and political resources. Songlines to Satellites is based on interviews with hundreds of Indigenous people in Australia, the South Pacific and Canada, over a thirteen-year period. From this research, Molnar and Meadows address key issues such as the convergence of communications and information technologies and the impact of globalization on Indigenous identity.'

  • Helen Molnar has worked extensively on Indigenous media strategies, the design and implementation of media training programmes for Indigenous Australians and Pacific Islanders, and reviewed Indigenous media developments in Australia and the Pacific since 1987.

  • Michael Meadows worked as a print and broadcast journalist for 10 years before moving into Journalism Education in the late 1980s. Since then, his research interests have included media representations of Indigenous affairs in Australia and Canada, Journalism theory and practice, media representations of the Australian landscape, and community media audiences, policy and practice. He has published numerous academic and generalist articles dealing with his work and three books: Songlines to Satellites, with Helen Molnar, Voices in the Wilderness, and more recently with co-authors Susan Forde and Kerrie Foxwell, Developing Dialogues. He is based at the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research, Griffith University, in Brisbane.