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Manyu Wana

‘…the Warlpiri Sesame Street’

Episode One of the Manyu Wana Series:

'Manyu Wana means 'just for fun' in Warlpiri. Warlpiri Media Association (now PAW Media) made the Manyu Wana series in the early 1990s with Francis Jupurrurla Kelly, David Batty and Wendy Baarda. Known as 'the Warlpiri Sesame Street', Manyu Wana was a fun way to support literacy and numeracy development in Warlpiri, the first language of Yuendumu children.

Since the Manyu Wana series PAW Media has also produced two series suitable for children 0-16 and all those young at heart: Mangarri Panu and Animating Jukurrpa series. Mangarri Panu is a series about healthy eating for children and includes information about nutrition as well as recipes and cooking tips. The Animating Jukurrpa video series contains some children's videos developed from local Warlpiri readers as well as from Jukurrpa stories.'