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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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The ABC is Australia's national broadcaster, founded in 1929. It is mainly funded by direct grant from, but expressly independent of, the Australian government.

The ABC's Indigenous Department was established in 1987:

'Over nearly thirty years, the department has become the centre of excellence for production of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander television and the development of Indigenous filmmakers in Australia. The first show was Blackout, a magazine style program that combined covering current affair issues, Aboriginal events, comedy segments and musical performance. It was followed by Kam Yam; the music series Songlines; and the documentary series, Message Stick, which ran for 14 seasons and developed the skills of many well-known and talented Indigenous filmmakers. In 2010, the Indigenous Department was re-branded with a new objective: develop quality primetime Indigenous drama and documentaries. The first series commissioned became the award winning and critical acclaimed Redfern Now (2013) and signalled the new era of Indigenous content and production. The series was written, directed and produced by Indigenous filmmakers and went on to make two series and a telemovie. Since Redfern Now, ABC Indigenous has gone on to produce outstanding comedy and drama…'