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Alastair Feehan

Photograph of white male, Alastair Feehan. Wearing a striped polo shirt.

Alistair Feehan is a Senior Executive with outstanding success in domestic Television and Cross Media companies. He is currently CEO of Imparja Televison, and is proficient in P&L management, operations, turnarounds, business development and strategic planning. Highly skilled at change management and establishing focussed and dynamic organisational cultures, he has extensive experience in major Free to Air companies.

A Graduate of the Australian institute of Company Directors, he contributes on a number of Boards, including Free TV Australia, EASB and is Chairman of The Northern Territory Major Events Company. He is well versed in corporate Governance and Risk Management.

His interview for Satellite Dreaming Revisited was recorded at the Imparja offices in Alice Springs, November 2011

'We don't make money, we don't hold the license' (interview with full transcript & links)

00:12 Imparja TV as a business

"We actually hold commercial broadcasting licence…"

02:12 Expansion of the footprint & the effect on ‘local content’

"A couple of things that you need to remember…"

04:30 Aboriginal programmes on Imparja & from CAAMA

"We have some local content that we do insert…"

06:50 ‘Bush content’: the conflict between NITV & ICTV

"…four or five years ago when NITV started…"

10:00 The policy on alcohol advertising & Imparja’s profits

"…when the alcohol policy came in we were the only broadcaster in the footprint…"