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Google Earth Map

Mapped Co-ordinates on this Site


This is a map related to the Satellite Dreaming Revisited project, which features locations in four different layers corresponding to the links to Google Maps, which appear in many of the pages on the site: 1) the 1991 Film Chapters, 2) People, 3) Essays, and 4) Sources. You can also link from the Google Map locations back to the references to them on the pages of the site.

In this way, the map shows the geographical spread of the content, locations and contributors to Satellite Dreaming Revisited, from remote desert areas to coastal cities and towns. The aim is to be as transparent as possible about which areas are included, and not covered, on the site. In conjunction with the links in the text on the pages, the map is also designed to help those users of the site who are unfamiliar with the geography of Australia.

The map makes the obvious point that indigenous media activists have been working right across the continent over the last four decades, in both remote and coastal areas; and, by extension, that the First Nations are now and have been - for the last 60,000 years or more - inhabiting these lands.