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Gapuwiyak Calling

Celebrating mobile phones as technologies of creativity and connection. 

Gapuwiyak Calling celebrates mobile phones as technologies of creativity and connection.  Curated by Miyarrka Media, it features phone-made material collected over the past five years, as well as film and video produced specifically for this exhibition.    

The material includes phone-art collage featuring giant green frogs and dreadlocked babies; cut and pasted family photographs uniting the living and the dead in flashing gif files; biyarrmak (funny) videos featuring fragments of mainstream television and movies re-voiced with Yolngu jokes in Yolngu languages; young men dancing in blue grass skirts ordered from the internet to a remix of the 1980s hit Sweet Dreams; other men dancing furiously to the Can-Can song while making fierce claims about Yolngu Culture….

 "We decided to name our exhibition Gapuwiyak Calling because we’re calling you through our phones, calling so you can connect to us.  We’re grabbing hold of new possibilities using these little things.  Maybe you’ll answer us?" - Paul Gurrumuruwuy, Miyaarka Media.