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AIFTV - Research

Knowledge sharing: Australian Indigenous Film & TV


Sharing Knowledge. Respecting Culture:

'This website is a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and resources about Australian Indigenous film and television. It has been built as part of a collaborative research project between an Australian Indigenous scholar and filmmaker – Romaine Moreton – and two non-Indigenous scholars – Therese Davis and Chris Healy. Our aim is to foster new frames of understanding Australian Indigenous film and television and its rich history. Our vision is a collaborative research community founded on Indigenous research principles and priorities. We recognise and promote creative practice as research, and we value diverse knowledge and ideas.'

The site features an Interactive Map with information on more than 200 Indigenous film & TV productions, details of Romanie Moreton's Transmedia Project One Million Beats, copies of government policies on Indigenous film and broadcasting from the 1970s to the present, and an extensive database of books, journal articles, reviews, interviews and websites devoted to Australian Indigenous film and television.